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E-Cat Home Unit Is Planned Industrially, But What Are The Deadlines?

By now, there are more and more people somewhat growing weary of the ECat core secrecy and ambiguity surrounding some of the developments in the camp of Andrea Rossi. Luckily, every now and then there is a fascinating statement on his blog, where he answers the question of his readers and gives a clue as to what should be expected or what might be happening.

And then, there are also some interviews, where the inventor seems more long-winded than usual and more development data can be found. Of course, the world is still spread in groups of believers and skeptics that look in astonishment and disbelief, which basically stands for “I wish I could believe, because that would be awesome, but I don’t think I can.” And the secrecy does not help the matter much, really.

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Rossi on Ecat Home Device not Heating Bologna Lab


In case you missed it, another part of the video interview with Andrea Rossi has been released by ecat.com. The inventor speaks about the ecat home unit, prices and warranties.

It’s likely that because people in the video are all wearing coats inside, it became clear that the Bologna lab where the interview was taken, is not heated (properly). An interesting question popped out from Bob K – a reader who wanted to know why the Bologna lab where Rossi works is not heated by Ecats.

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When Closed Contracts Are Not Enough to Stop The Ecat

This Tuesday the internet was filled with discussion and debates over the contract breach that made the University of Bologna terminate its relationship with Andrea Rossi.

The University has actually stated that the contract signed in June 2011 between the Department of Physics and Rossi failed to carry on because Rossi failed to meet all the conditions of the terms.

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