Heat Your Home Reliably With Cold Fusion

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Global warming is certainly evident at present. The alarming rate of climate change all over the world has inspired several scientists to look into the causes of this problem. One of the viewpoints they are considering is the way we consume energy, which is generally through burning of fuel. But with several oil companies trying to do what it takes not to go out of business, finding for new alternative energy sources or inventing one becomes difficult.

Several researchers have been looking into potential energy sources, like sea water for instance. There have been much debate in the past whether the hydrogen atoms from sea water can actually create heat or energy once it is merged with another metal or element. Could there be any way by which we can make use of this resource, since our planet has an abundance of it? 70% is quite a huge amount, after all.

It has been years since researchers and quite a number of inventors have put their work to test in order to prove that this is possible. Their motivation? To create highly-efficient and cost effective water boilers, environmentally-friendly cars and even a good source for potable water.

cold fusion Cold FusionIn 1989, two electrochemists from England and Utah, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, hit the first jackpot. They have discovered the earliest version of this very interesting process and publicized it, receiving a thunderous applause from the scientific community. However, due to pending patents and some media issues, only a few were able to produce it. So the rest of the world had ridiculed the inventors and even went to calling them as frauds. Their idea defies conventional physics, several would say, and that fusion can only happen in a multi-million degree temperature like the sun.

The past was certainly bitter for the birth of cold fusion. However, several scientists remained undeterred to what the mob has to say about this potential energy source process, and continued their research. These hardworking scientists have designed a number of devices and working systems that could control and measure the workable reactions of cold fusion. They also presented many publications that clearly indicates positive results that were thoroughly studied by the world’s most brilliant scientists.

Why are these scientists and many supporters remain resilient? It is because cold fusion is a very promising alternative energy process that could save our planet’s ailing conditions and hopefully decrease the rising rate of environmental sources depletion.

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