E-cat Home, A New World For LENR

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Anomalous excess unexplained heat is what baffled Fleischmann and Pons in their 1989 experiment. Since then, follow up experiments were conducted to give explanation to this phenomenon. The current scientific paradigm is not applicable to this occurrence. This scientific paradigm is considered to be sacrosanct and there is no questioning it. This is the reason why many researchers would not conduct work on E-Cat, for they will be considered outcasts by the scientific community.

Despite this, more and more people are starting to believe in the new science, even though it is still not fully understood. When the “Third International Conference on Cold Fusion” entitled “Frontiers of Cold Fusion” was held in Japan in 1992 the attendance was impressive. It seemed that an e-cat home had been found. The participants came from 18 countries, aside from the media. Of the 346 registered participants, 229 are natives of Japan. This is also the time that the ridicule of E-Cat is at its highest.

More eyes right now is in Italy. This new e-cat home was brought in the spotlight due to the work of Andrea Rossi and his consultant, professor Sergio Focardi. Their invention can produce energy continuously, and is asserted that it is not cold fusion but Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. On the latest conference held on July 23, 2011 in Italy under the hosting of Delta Energy, Rossi on skype interview confirmed the completion of the one megawatt plant in Athens Greece on schedule. (Recent news, however, confirm that the contract was broken)

As was noted at the conference held in Japan, E-cat home can be anywhere in the world. Also on the latest conference held in Italy notable physicists were also present. These are Francesco Celani of the Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, an astrophysicist and futurologist Mario Menichella, researcher and author Roy Virgilio, among others.

In one interview of Rossi he mentioned that his invention is not cold fusion but Low Nuclear Energy Reaction or LENR. LENR is a process wherein a electromagnetic reactions and minimal interactions is capable to induce low-energy nuclear reactions which is observable from different processes. This new form of energy source could now be truly called E-cat home.

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  1. G Jayasankar Pillai says:

    I can see an ENERGY REVOLUTION in the near future.. E CAT HOME…Oil & Gas industry is at a major risk..

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