National Instruments No Longer On E-Cat Home Device Bandwaggon

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An interesting piece of news was announced a couple of days ago, which caused quite some stir, as a result to this announcement. It was brought to the attention of the public that National Instruments isn’t working with Rossi. Although it first sounded as a diversion of sorts, it was confirmed by the NI’s corporate communications and investor relations manager, Julia Betts, that indeed

Leonardo Corporation/Andrea Rossi is currently not a customer for National Instruments.” Rossi also came out with a statement concerning this development in order to avoid confusion and other such things, stating that this break-up was caused by the customer’s desire to pursue partnership with the supplier they worked with before. 

As far as it can be gathered there are no hard feelings on either of the sides, although Rossi does sound as though if it was up to him, he’d have preferred NI for his main supplier for E-Cat home units as well as E-Cat plants, but, presumably the new supplier got chosen by his customer.

On the other hand, Rossi also reported that “this very week [they] will start to use the new control system made by the new Supplier.” The statement was made on Sunday, so it’ll be the first full week for E-Cat home and plant modules to experiment with new control systems, produced not by NI but rather by some other entity.

Mysteries over mysteries.

It would be interesting to find out the identity of the new supplier, as with the National Instruments out of the picture, Rossi has to deal with people’s skepticism even more.

National Instruments was the only company that was known to work with Rossi with their face and name unveiled, whereas all other customers, partners and suppliers remain in the shadows, and that does not help E-Cat home device matters much.

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