E-Cat Home Is Planned To Be Certified By Autumn 2012

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Several days ago, on December 24th, Rossi wrote on his blog that he was getting ready with the “production of 1 million pieces immediately” to reach the price level that would “kill the competition” as well as make his E-Cat home units affordable to as many as want to buy it. A few days later, on December 28th he stated that “the certifications are in course” and they “will have them made within Autumn 2012.” This statement gives a little direction as to what to look forward to in terms of the arrival of E-Cat home units.

Obviously the lack of action on his blog and his own words in a few blog posts of his speak of him and his “team” being busy working on something grand and something that will put Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer not only on the energy production market, but on the world map as a whole. In his posts Rossi does refer to some new partners that have been helping him solidify that, which will make the production of 1 million pieces possible. There are no hints as to who these partners are and there are no direct data concerning the prices of the “low cost” E-Cat home units once the 1 million is out. What is clear is that Andrea Rossi has set another date, and so far he has not been caught lying and/or manipulating the press for his purposes. He said it and he delivered according to what he said. About the price, this is what was revealed, though: “The price will be much lower [than 10K €], but we will declare the price when we will be ready also with it.”

It looks like Rossi is on the roll and he’s going to roll into 2012 with full speed.

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