E-Cat Home Device – Bullet Trains Of The Future?

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We have been told by Rossi that E-Cat home is in the works and the manufacturing would soon commence (preliminary in autumn), and after that it’s time for the sales to begin (preliminary winter). But no specifics have been offered yet, although the inventor did promise that within several weeks this issue would be clarified and “precise schedule” would be shared with the general public, hence setting the stage for what’s to come.

Speaking of what’s to come, there have been quite a few predictions as to how LENR technology can be utilized and specifically, what the humanity could make of the ECat. It is clear that for now the Italian engineer responsible for the invention is working hard on his E-Cat home modules, and is busy with the developments in this field, as he is planning to unveil one million pieces by the end of this year (or in the vicinity). But once the E-Cat home hits the market, obviously Rossi will have more time for other undertakings for his Energy Catalyzer to tame.

Of course, as Rossi and his specialists and his customer(s) and his partners (for instance National Instruments that provide his modules with electronics and software support) stumble upon some discoveries, it should be expected that it would be either implemented or placed on hold until an opportune time arrives.

One of the ideas that surfaced concerns the utilization of Energy Catalyzer as the engine that would generate high speed trains. Now these speedy machines are driven by electricity. Even at the low voltage that it does take, it still does use quite some. Consider the steam generated by E-Cats as the fuel for the bullet trains of this kind. Steam-powered engines are not a novelty, and as such perhaps bullet trains may incorporate Rossi’s technology for their efficiency and lowering of their costs.

What do you think?

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