December 7 May Vindicate The E-Cat Home Technology

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It has already been revealed earlier that a certain event is being planned for December 7 of this year, and this event may finally vindicate the E-Cat home technology. Flash Summit that will be held by Citi5 on Broadway in New York City may raise awareness of the interested public in the area of sustainable energy and issues that need to be overcome in order to look at a new future with hearts and arms wide open. A great future, it is believed, is achievable if only allow ourselves to look at things at a different angle. This is what this one-day conference, more information about which can be found at the Citi5 website.

The main issue behind the E-Cat home invention of Rossi is the scientific explanation behind or rather the lack thereof and the general assessment of the device as cold fusion. And this is exactly where the problem is, as conventional physicists have rejected cold fusion as operational and functional physics, having stigmatized it as non-existent. So, this summit may in fact bring the necessary validation to Rossi’s E-Cat home by perhaps alienating the LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) from cold fusion as such, thus providing it with a different explanation that may actually free scientists to accept the technology under a different heading.

More information will be given at the very summit by Dr. Brian Ahern, who for 17 years worked in R&D at USA Force in the capacity of the senior scientist. “I believe all of LENR is just a new and unanticipated form of nanomagnetism,” says he. Having studied the matter in depth, he seems to believe that the great break is about to take place that will silence even the most severe enemies of the LENR.


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