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Rossi Confirms The Idea Of An E-cat Follower Is Right

Italian inventor Andrea Rossi recently confirmed the ideas shared by a frequent poster on his official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics. Koen Vandewalle, also an e-cat enthusiast, commented:

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An Interesting Post On Rossi’s E-cat Blog

Andrea Rossi’s official website Journal of Nuclear Physics has never been so exciting since the day the Italian inventor started to go live over the web. There have been interesting and exciting exchanges between Rossi and his readers about his LENR based technology and other experiments related to the same controversial field. Many JONP readers ask Rossi about the development of his invention and the theory behind his amazing work. Although we get answers from the man behind the e-cat device, Rossi still refuses to provide further details and important information that can bring us to a clear and unequivocal conclusion regarding the energy catalyzer.

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Rossi E-cats And The Role of Robots In The Future

Last year, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi mentioned about a full robot automation of his home-based energy catalyzer device. At that time, Rossi was processing the certification of the domestic e-cat unit. He stated:

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Third Party E-cat Validators Include Skeptical Scientists

The most anticipated news surrounding the e-cat LENR based technology of Italian inventor Andrea Rossi is the e-cat report from independent third party validators. Many e-cat followers are excited to read the report. When asked by one of the frequent posters on his official website Journal of Nuclear Physics about the publication of the report, Rossi said that it might be February this year but he cannot be certain because it is totally independent from. In addition, the third party e-cat report is also no longer under his control. However, he recently diclosed that the third party validation commission is European. Here is another interesting comment that Rossi posted on his blog about the third party people:

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Green Turbine and Leonardo Corporation’s E-cat

On his official website Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi continues to build relationship with his readers by answering the questions they ask to him about his e-cat LENR based technology. Manufactured by the Italian inventor’s US based company Leonardo Corporation, the e-cat brings about a new and controversial source of energy production. It is interesting to note that many JONP readers remain enthusiastic for more than a year now following Rossi’s announcement that he has a working cold fusion/LENR reactor. Robert Curto, one of the e-cat followers, commented:

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